WATCHING THE INAUGURATION It seems that many are so upset concerning the election of Donald Trump that they are vowing not to watch the inauguration. I am here to encourage you and especially your CHILDREN to watch it. Why? Because this is a transfer of power performed in our DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. A society where we have the PRIVILEGE to be FREE CITIZENS and to even have a chance to SELECT a leader and not a DICTATOR or ruthless leader.
I’ve been following the transfer of power in Gambia all week. A new leader was voted in but the current leader, Yahya Jammeh refuses to step down. Jammeh, who took power in a 1994 military coup, suffered a surprise election defeat in December to Adama Barrow, who won 45% of the vote. Jammeh originally conceded the presidency, but then announced his “total rejection of the election results.”
Barrow was sworn in Thursday at Gambia’s embassy in Senegal, as the United Nations Security Council backed an effort by West African states to remove Jammeh.

As a result, hundreds of citizens and tourists left the area out of a BLOODY battle. The Nigeria leader was given a deadline to step down or he would be forced to by the military.
WHAT A MESS!!!!!!  

I said all of that to say this…. BE THANKFUL that we live in America where we can witness a PEACEFUL TRANSFER of POWER. Whether you like Trump or not – this IS NOT ABOUT Trump. This is about AMERICAN HISTORY.
Now if you want MESS… just move to some of these countries where there is nothing but chaos, killings, citizens starving, etc. You do have the FREEDOM to relocate.

Just saying……


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