MY TAKE ON: People who are not taking this pandemic serious enough, especially teenagers and Blacks.

Let me remind you that this is a very dangerous and deadly virus (and mysterious). You can be well one day and pushing up daisies the next week. This Corvid-19 virus is not discriminatory. It was initially believed that individuals older than 60 were prone to getting the virus. But now we see that infants, teenagers, and middle age adults are dying from the virus. It was first thought that only whites were getting the virus, but now Blacks are dying at an alarming higher rate.

Let me remind you that a little over 100 years ago, the pandemic of 1918 (known as the Spanish Flu) infected over 100 million people with over 50 million dying from the virus worldwide. When the virus was thought to be slowing down in the spring, it came back with a vengeance in the fall. Victims died within HOURS or DAYS of developing symptoms, their skin turning blue and their lungs filling with fluid that caused them to suffocate. In just one year, 1918, the average life expectancy in America plummeted by a dozen years. The Spanish flu finally ended around the FALL OF 1919.

Just like now, the curve is not even close to flattening and people are running around like everything is ‘okie dokie’. And what is frightening to me is how beach goers were flocking to the beach in Jacksonville, Florida last weekend. No social distancing and no masks. The ATL is opening up barbershops, gyms, etc this weekend. Las Vegas is getting ready to open up. And then there are the knuckleheads protesting to reopen businesses – again, no social distancing and no masks.

Listen, now is not the time to be stupid – unless you are truly ready to ‘meet your maker’. This is not the time to be SELFISH. Think about who you could be infecting. Think about how our many of our healthcare workers and hospitals are already overwhelmed. Consider how many healthcare workers are too frightened to go home to their families for fear of infecting them. Funeral Homes are overwhelmingly dealing with multiple deaths from Corvid-19.

I think that the mayor of West Memphis, Arkansas made it very plain on the evening years a couple of days ago. He said, “Keep your ass at home.”

‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana

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