“I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old.”
Psalm 77:11

All other things being equal, a small animal must have a faster metabolism than a large animal if it is to replace the more quickly leaking energy. The metabolic structure of an organism is related to its size. A shrew or a hummingbird must be constantly eating or it will die or starvation in a matter of hours, while a large animal can sometimes hibernate and fast for long periods.

Spiritually, we are all hummingbirds. We must constantly ingest spiritual food or we will starve. Asaph found himself in despair and depression. He felt God had forsaken him when the long nights became agony because sleep eluded. It was then Asaph learned a valuable secret. He determined to recall God’s great deeds, meditate on His miracles, and understand His nature. As Asaph ingested this spiritual food, he rose above his difficulties to attain victory.

There is a path out of despair and depression. It starts with focusing on the character and deeds of a loving God. When we lift our eyes to Him, the sorrows of the present are put into perspective.

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