How do eBay Motors Scams Work?

There’s a very common scam in the car buying world. It’s not exclusive to eBay Motors, but it’s also among the most common automotive scams on eBay.

The scam is referred to here as the eBay Gift Card Scam. It most commonly involves a request for gift cards from the scammers because gift cards are notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to track. The scammer will usually claim the exact opposite, though.

The scam almost always starts out the same way. You’re browsing through car listings, and you come across something that looks like an excellent deal. The car looks to be in fantastic shape, the mileage isn’t bad, and the price seems on the low side. It’s very common for the price point in this scam to be $1200-$1500, or very near it.

Another clear indication, just from the listing, is the pictures of the car. More often than not, the pictures are stock photos used for advertising the vehicle when it was first released or pictures of a restored show vehicle. These pictures usually have a professional quality to them that stands out among the usual pictures that were taken with someone’s phone.

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