The main objective of Charles Jackson Ministries is spreading the unadulterated gospel  of  Jesus Christ and ‘untwisting’ a lot of what is being watered down every Sunday morning in the pulpits of America.  We feel that it is very important to ‘Rightly Divide’  the Word of God.

Bro. Charles has been involved in ministry for over 30 years. Starting with pastoring in Belgium, ministering in Germany, and Holland and then evangelizing in Abilene, Texas. He founded and pastored Agape Outreach Ministries, Inc. (Aka Charles Jackson Ministries) in Huntsville, Alabama. The main pourpose was a training ground for other ministers in the areas of evangelizing and delivering souls. Being an anointed apostle of the Lord, many have gotten saved, delivered from demonic activity, and healed by the blood of Jesus.  Several Holy Ghost filled men who were delivered from drugs and alcohol under our ministry are pastoring churches throughout America.  Now he is attempting to use modern technology to further the spread of the gospel to the world as commanded by Jesus Christ.  This Gospel must be preached around the world.

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