Q & A. I am a Christian and I am a Freemason. How can I get out?

You may have been told that “once a Mason, always a Mason.” But you can and MUST get out of Freemasonry. The first thing you must do is renounce it and ask the Lord to forgive you for swearing oaths that DO NOT have anything to do with the WORD of GOD.

Then simply notify the members of the lodge in writing, stating that you are renouncing Freemasonry and tell them in clear terms that you never want anything to do with it now, or at any time in the future. Tell them you no longer are a Mason. They have no legal, moral or other means to compel you to continue. Below is a link to a “Notice of cancellation that you can print out and present it to the lodge. 


Once you have left the Lodge, get rid of your Masonic stuff in your house (aprons, rings, etc.). See Acts 19:18,19.

NOTE: Please share this info with your friends or family members who are Freemasons….. Thank you!!!!